Portland Area Rental Owners Association Board Members

President: Christian Bryant

I have been working in real estate in the Portland & Salem areas since 2003. My business expertise includes work as a commercial/residential mortgage broker and account executive as well as being a founding partner of Blue Fund Inc. a privately funded commercial finance and venture firm. In 2008, I was working at GreenPoint Mortgage when its parent company, Capital One, closed down its residential and commercial lending arm. Out of work and facing an increasingly difficult real estate market, I took the opportunity to sit back and determine what sort of business would thrive in the current economy and continue to serve the real estate needs of people in the area.


What I found was given the volatility of the economy at the time, it was increasingly difficult for people to not only purchase a home but sell their homes as well. What was needed was a property management company committed to helping the new influx of tenants and owners. Together with Coldwell Banker Mt. West Real Estate, I opened Coldwell Banker Mt. West Property Management in February of 2009. Since its inception, the property management company has served thousands of people and has subsequently experienced rapid growth. The main office was started in Salem Oregon, but I quickly grew the company to manage properties from the Northern Oregon border down to Eugene.


In February of 2016 I merged with Investment Renovation & Consulting. I have always had a goal of having a company that could serve all of the needs that a property investor may have. We are now able to handle everything from property management, construction and repairs, residential and commercial property sales. We even have distressed homes that we offer at wholesale prices to our clients.

I have always felt that if you are going to run a business in a community that you must give back to that community anyway that you can. Because of this way of doing business I donate a portion of my net profits to charity and I am involved with many boards and commissions. I also believe in donating my time and expertise to lobby on behalf of property investors. I serve on the Landlord/Tenant Coalition that negotiates and writes the laws that change landlord/tenant laws in Oregon. Please feel free to view my LinkedIn page for a current list of all the positions that I hold, LinkedIn. Or you can view my website at www.IRCEnterprises.com

Secretary & Treasure: Jill Maricich

I was pursuing a degree in Education at Portland State University, when my life veered onto another and wholly different course (and I never looked back).  I began working for a small privately owned property management company in 2000. We started with less than 25 properties and grew to over 100. During this time I pursued every avenue available to educate myself including:  property management classes, reading every article I could find and studying  the ORS. Chapters on property management until I could claim expertise.  From all of this self-induced learning, I realized I wanted to be involved in the process with which landlord/tenant laws are created and changed.
Then in 2014, I stumbled upon this amazing group of people starting up the Portland Chapter of the Oregon Rental Housing Association….and knew that I had to be a part of it. With almost 15 years of property management experience I have seen the trials and tribulations for both owners and tenants. My true passion has become focused on the importance of educating and protecting both owners and tenants surrounding the regulations set forth in the Landlord Tenant Law.

After 15+ years of working for someone else, I (along with my husband) decided to embark on our own adventure; Titan Property Management Services, LLC.  As the owners of Titan Property Management, we are able provide management services for privately owned investments, vacation rentals and commercial buildings.  This encompasses both single family homes and larger complexes including, those with homeowners associations.   Our services also include in-house cleaning, painting, and general maintenance/repairs as well as minor landscaping projects.


I have found that not only does PAROA provide this, but goes above and beyond. I’d like to participate in a group that can further my interest in landlord tenant law, and I know this is the group that can assist me in doing so.
We are a fun group dedicated to making sure owners get the best possible advice and are well informed of all new laws and updates.


Board of Directors: David Jaffe

David is an independent sales rep for Cost Segregation Services, Inc. founded in 2002.  David helps owners of residential rentals (and commercial properties) get large, optional tax deductions.

CSSI's engineered analysis of your property allows accelerated depreciation of your units, tremendously improving your cash flow during the early years.  We do the analysis & documentation needed by your tax professional.  After nearly 16,000 studies, our track record with the IRS is spotless:  zero denials or adjustments to our work.

David is pleased to both be an Associate Member, and to personally assist PAROA in their mission of educating, assisting, and advocating for the owners and managers in the Portland area.

Board of Directors: Jessica Chambers

Jessica graduated from Linfield College with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management.  She has over a decade of experience in a variety of administrative roles. She has worked in marketing, branding, communications, government relations, policy, politics, non profit management and event planning. These experiences have allowed Jessica to bring strong organizational management skills to her work in property management. 

After pursuing a license in Property Management, Jessica took over as the managing owner at An Oregon Experience, LLC, continuing the company's 30 year history of long term and short term residential property management. 

Today, An Oregon Experience, LLC offers long term and short term residential property management services in both the Portland Metro area, and the Villages of Mt. Hood between Sandy and Government Camp. The company values quality as a way to improve the lives of home owners and tenants. Quality service and quality rental homes are the base of their company philosophy.  

Jessica was excited to become involved with the Portland Area Rental Owners Association in 2016, and to join the board of directors in 2017. Continuing to educate landlords on landlord tenant law, best practices and efficient business practices is the best way to create improvement in the industry, and something she cares greatly about. 

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